Half of these kids are hungry.

50% of New Hanover County school kids are on free or reduced lunch.
That’s more than 12,000 kids.

For many, it’s the only food they get in the day.

We need your help

NourishNC is a non-profit organization that exists to feed hungry kids in New Hanover County, North Carolina. This includes Wilmington, NC and the surrounding area.

The Problem in New Hanover County

Approximately 800 homeless kids

1 in 4 children go hungry daily

1 in 5 children live in poverty

Hunger Makes Kids

Feel unloved, Sluggish at school, Have trouble making friends, Have higher rates of health issues, More likely to go to jail, Feel different, Have problems with focus, Likely to suffer depression, More likely to break the law, More likely to commit suicide

Well Fed kids




Able to focus in school

Able to make friends

Can make better social connections

More emotional stable

Not hungry

What We Do

We buy food and give it to hungry kids.
We also help bring together different parts of the community to help eliminate this crisis. We
organize food drives, work with community leaders to change public policy to address the
root causes of child hunger, and advocate for children and children’s health in the community.

Our Impact


We are in 25 of 43 schools in New Hanover County, NC.

We feed 540 kids daily

365,000+ meals per year

More than 1 million meals since 2008

Our Goal for 2015

NourishNC’s goal is to provide supplemental food for 600 hungry kids in New Hanover County by December 2015!

How You Can Help

NourishNC needs to add 60 more children to our program, to meet our goal of feeding 600 children by January 2016. NourishNC’s yearly goal is to expand the program by 20% until every hungry child in New Hanover County is fed. To do that, we have setup a store where you can purchase items directly for a child. If you have the means, and want to make an excellent tax-deductible donation, you can also sponsor a child or an entire school for the year!

We want to make donating more fun and meaningful by letting you choose what you’d like your money to go towards. Help feed a child in New Hanover County, North Carolina by purchasing one of the items in our online store, such as:

Shop Our Online Store

100% of the goods you buy go directly to feed hungry kids in New Hanover County.

Want to help NourishNC by volunteering at one of our food drives? Find out more.